Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Community Action Gives Ex-Offenders a Second Chance

Fawn's mug shot 

Fawn was a drug addict and 12-time convicted felon when she turned to IMPACT Community Action in Columbus. “I was homeless and felt helpless in Cleveland, Ohio. I literally lived on the street with my addiction. My face was plastered as a most wanted fugitive in Cleveland,” explained Fawn. “Drug and alcohol abuse became my life and my arrest actually saved my life.”

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Community Action Helps People Overcome Obstacles

A single mother-to-be living in Cleveland was pregnant with her first child when she lost her job, started falling behind in her rent and received an eviction notice. She turned to the Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland (CEOGC), the local Community Action Agency, for assistance.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Community Action Connects People

In 2002, GMN (Guernsey, Monroe and Noble) Tri-County Community Action Commission became the first and only CAA in the country to receive a United States Department of Agriculture Federal Broadband Connectivity Grant, spurring a mission to address a critical gap in Southeastern Ohio by bringing broadband service to rural Monroe County. With that initial government investment, GMN’s broadband program has grown from initially serving the town of Woodsfield into a self-sustaining enterprise with seven towers and over 700 customers.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Community Action Helps Senior Citizens Maintain their Quality of Life

Ms. Bookless is an elderly woman that maintains her independence because of the assistance offered through the Community Action Agency in Muskingum County, Muskingum Economic Opportunity Action Group (MEOAG). One program she utilizes is MEOAG’s Franciscan Community Meals on Wheels (FCM) program. She has also benefited from an air conditioner, refrigerator and other energy efficient measures through the American Electric Power- Community Assistance Program (AEP-CAP) administered by MEOAG.